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Hi there and welcome to the shiny new RC Pets Blog, we’re glad you found us. In this inaugural post we thought we would let you get to know us a little better, so we’ve put together a short Q & A post with questions we frequently get asked, as well as some little-known facts about RC Pets.

Q: What do the letters ‘RC’ stand for in RC Pets?

A: We get asked this a lot! The letters are the initials of Rory Carr, who is the owner and founder of RC Pets. He started the company over 30 years ago and works here as the current CEO.

Q: How many office dogs currently ‘work’ at RC Pets?

A: This number varies from time-to-time, but we currently have

  1. Miller is the owner Rory’s dog and our CarfO
  2. Oswald the Mini Dachshund, who dresses as a Hot Dog every year for Halloween  
  3. Chanel the Chihuahua Bichon Frise
  4. Dexter the Boston Frenchie cross
  5. Jake is a Husky Corgi cross puppy
  6. Austin is our resident rescue Pit Bull
  7. Bentley the Boston Terrier
  8. Bette, a poodle Chihuahua mutt mix
  9. Lucky the German Shorthair Pointer
  10. Joey the Terrier Poodle
  11. Sophie the Soft-coated Golden Wheaton mix
  12. Bowser the Golden Retriever, Mastiff mix  
  13. Zulie the adventure Husky
  14. Darwin the Long Haired Dachshund
  15. And our newest addition, Mocha the Chocolate Lab 

That’s a grand total of 15 dogs. And yes, we still manage to get our work done!

Q: Where is your office located?

A: The RC Pets Head Office is located in beautiful Vancouver, BC Canada. We are a Canadian company, and we proudly make our collars and leashes on-site at our Vancouver facility.

Q: What is your best-selling product?

A: Our dog clip collar always tops this list, but the pattern changes frequently. Currently, our dog clip collar in the pattern Pineapple Parade takes the top spot. It seems that everyone really likes the tropical theme – our product development team hit a home run with that pattern. 


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