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The Products That Launched Our Iconic Brand!

The product that launched RC Pets!


With a new year, you can expect new and exciting things coming your way. But before we get into what's new in RC Pets, we would like to share with you a couple of quick facts about our Collar and Leash collection, which are the products that helped launch our brand initatially.

  • We have launched over 300 patterns in our Collar and Leash tape collections!
  • We have been making these collections since 1996. It's one of our favourite collections to make as well as one of our most loved!

See how far we've come from our first tape assortment:

We've come a long way from where it all began, but it's important to look back, enjoy where we are and get excited where are we going. We now offer over 40 patterns to choose from and our collars and leashes continue to be all proudly made in North America.

What's new for 2019?

In January we are launching 4 New Patterns 
Check what Jill Connolly our Creative Director has to say about this new collection:
"Food has been a big trend in home/fashion trends for 2018 so we thought we would do a fun summer snack story for the 2019 launch.  Meatlover is a fun mix of bacon and steak to appeal to the carnivore nature of our canine pals.  Bones is a modern take on every dog’s favourite treat, encompassing all the top colours from this season’s launch.  The icing is a cupcake inspired summer pattern that is meant to match with our whimsical Cheat Day Poncho (coming soon).  Palm is a retro tiki style pattern sure to be a new classic.

 All the New Patterns come in the following sizes and widths



You probably heard that our Collar and Leashes are very strong and durable, this how strong they are!  

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Shirley Sanborn
Monday, September 16th, 2019 at 2:34PM
I was wondering is any collars are coming out in the wide width. My dog has a few of your collars but really looks nice in the wide. Where woud the best place to find them be. Amazon doesnt seem to have many these days Thanks Shirley
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