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How to Keep Your Dog Cool in Summer

How to Keep Your Dog Cool in Summer

Summertime is here! And we know what that means…lots of fun in the sun to enjoy with our furry friends. But that means we need to keep our pets safe and healthy from the warm weather.



Watch for heatstroke in our pets. Some symptoms include drooling, increased heart rate, excessive panting, weakness, bloody diarrhea, vomiting, collapse, seizures, or even coma and a temperature of over 40°C / 104°F.

Heat stroke can be fatal. We can cool them down with cool (not cold) compresses to his feet and belly and get him to the vet. Be careful you don’t bring your dog’s temperature down too low, as that can cause additional problems.

Pets that have flat faces, like Persian cats, Pugs or Bulldogs, are especially prone to heat stroke because they don’t pant as efficiently. Elderly pets, overweight pets, and puppies and kittens are also at increased risk of heat stroke.

Keep the temperature in mind as you play and exercise your pets. It’s better to go out for walks and play out in the early mornings, late evenings or just keep them short.

If you’re outside at the beach during the afternoon, our Solis UV Cover-Up provides protection from the sun’s UV rays. It’s a good idea for short-haired breeds to protect their skin from getting too much sun and burning.


Hot cars

We all know about this but it’s important to not leave your pet alone and unattended in a car. It becomes an oven in no time. Even with the windows open or with the air-conditioning on. So let’s leave our furry kids at home while we run our errands in the summer.

Hot surfaces

If it’s too hot for our hand, it’s too hot for our furry friends! That means Sidewalks, parking lots, sand, etc. Any surface can get too hot for our pet’s paws. Consider checking our Sport Pawks and our Trail Boots to protect their paws and enjoy more time together outside.

Cats are good at finding cooler surfaces to walk on but take care when you walk your dog. Dogs get a double-whammy when they walk on hot surfaces. Since many dogs are low to the ground, the heat that rises from the pavement goes right to your dog’s belly. Add that to the heat from the blistering sun, and you quickly get an overheated dog.


Your dog’s main source of cooling is by panting. As your dog pants, the moisture evaporates from his tongue and mouth which cools the blood in that area. As the blood circulates through his system, it cools off other areas of his body as well.

But when the humidity is high, the saliva doesn’t evaporate as quickly, making it harder for your dog to keep himself cool. Be doubly sure he doesn’t over-exert himself or spend too much time outside when it’s hot and muggy out.


We know that it’s important to keep fresh water available to our pets when they’re outside playing. But it’s just as important to keep fresh water inside.

An additional fun way to keep our pets hydrated is to make ice cubes from beef or chicken broth or prepared frozen treats.



Pets need to always be able to find a shady place to lie. This applies inside as well as outside. Lying in the sun, even in an air-conditioned house, can get too hot for some pets. If the sun beats down on a room where your pet likes to hang out, make sure the blinds are at least partially pulled when the sun hits that room, so your pet can always find a shady spot if desired.

Cooling jackets and cooling mats are also great to have on hand during the hot summer months.


Power outages

Lightning and too much usage can cause electric transformers to blow in the summer causing power outages. If your power goes out, put some ice in a cooler so you can add ice to your pet’s water to keep it cool. Take your pets in the coolest room in the house. If your electricity will be out for a long time, consider boarding your pets or taking them with you to a hotel that allows pets.

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