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Give Your Dog a Voice

Have you ever wished your dog could talk? I think we all have! While we can’t read their minds, we can give them a voice so meetings with strangers go smoother. Some of us have working dogs, others have friendly fur babies, and some of our canine companions are man’s best friend and only like people. It’s hard to tell at a glance, but with a Bark Note on a collar, it’s clear to everyone.


Perhaps your dog is super friendly and loves everyone, but is a larger breed so people are unsure of approaching – try the Friendly Bark Note to notify people that your pup loves pats. While people should always ask before touching your dog, this might give them the encouragement they need to come over and say Hi.


If your dog is unsure of others, or when you are training your dog and you prefer not to have distractions from others, placing a Training or Do Not Pet Bark Note on your dog’s collar will signal to others that now is not a good time. Training is very important to maintaining a successful relationship with your dog, and this is best done without others disturbing. Bark Notes are a polite way to signal to others that it is not play-time with your dog.

If you think a Bark Note would help you in successful interactions with others, check out all of the available messages HERE. 


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Vicki Organ
Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 at 11:22PM
I would like to say how amazing rcpets customer service is. I had a small issue with a harness I bought and they replaced it within a couple of days. I definitely recommend rcpets products and will continue to used them as my pup grows. Excellent products and service. Thank you so much
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