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Does your pet need paw protection?


National Animal Safety & Prevention Month is the perfect time to talk paw protection for your pet! We'll also be discussing paw protection over on our Facebook and Instagram channels too - follow us and join in the conversation if you have any questions, comments or photos to share!

You may be wondering if your pet needs paw protection. Here's 4 reasons to consider boots or socks for your pup:



Socks or Boots have anti-slip bottoms that help maximize grip and prevent slipping.  This is also helpful for older dogs that have trouble getting traction on slippery indoor floors.




Much like human shoes, paw protection will help provide a barrier from outdoor irritants like salt, gravel, snow or even hot sand or pavement.  Dog’s with environmental allergies can also benefit from wearing socks when venturing in the yard.  Having a barrier in cold weather also helps to prevent the dog’s sensitive paw pads from drying out.




Socks or soft boots are an excellent way to cover a bandage and protect the paw while it heals from an injury.  Our PAWKs are nice and breathable, while still offering a barrier from compulsive paw licking.




Paw Protection also helps to minimize the damage claws can do to leather seats and hardwood floors.


 BOOTS - choose boots for active dogs that need full barrier protection and additional tread for rough or slippery surfaces.



The ultimate trail essential. The extra grippy molded sole offers traction in a wide range of outdoor situations. Slush, gravel, desert sand... these boots have your pup's paws covered. The wrap-around closure keeps them extra secure while the differently sized front and back paw widths offer a superior fit.





The Strider Boot is a breathable soft soled boot that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The fleecelined upper offers a cozy fit, while the softshell fabrication also keeps moisture out. Warmer than PAWks, these are the perfect option for fall and winter outings. 



SOCKS - choose socks for dogs that need breathable protection for an injury, or a light barrier against irritants or extreme temperatures.

PAWks are a fully breathable option for paw protection, making them more suitable for all day wear. They have an anti-slip pattern on the bottom allowing for traction on slippery indoor surfaces.   Sport PAWks have a fully dipped anti-slip bottom, allowing for indoor and outdoor wear. The breathable upper makes them a comfortable lightweight option for hot surface or allergen protection. 

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