We Heart pets.Everything we do enhances the bond between Pets and their Guardians.

Carlos’ Cause - Walking the Talk

At RC Pets, everything we do enhances the bond between pets and their guardians and our program Carlos’ Cause is a rewarding way for us to walk the talk. We love pets – a lot – and not just our own, so it makes sense that we would help support others and their love for pets as well.

The goal of Carlos’ Cause is to help those that actively contribute towards the eradication of kill shelters across North America. Carlos’ Cause partners with non-profit shelters and animal rescue organizations throughout Canada and the USA, financially supporting their mandate of finding loving homes for cats and dogs.

In order to receive funding from Carlos’ Cause, the following criteria must be met:

¾     Must be a registered non-profit in either Canada or the United States

¾     Must be a no-kill shelter

¾     Must have a volunteer work force and demonstrate, through provided financials, that no more than 20% off their fundraising to admin costs

¾     Must submit an application form

¾     Application form can be found online at www.carloscause.com

Over the years we have supported so many amazing groups doing wonderful things for animals. The full list can be found here: http://www.carloscause.com/organizations.html.

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