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RC Pets Team: Top Product Picks for Active Dog Month

April was Active Dog Month but with working from home and physical distancing, it looked a little different than what we are used to. We asked some of our staff how their Active Dog Month went and what they have been doing to keep moving with their pets during this new normal.


Favourite RC Pets product right now: the Wide Clip Collar in Watermelon.


Miller & Rory

Miller and I have been going for daily walks but have tried to add other activities into our life. We tried yoga where Miller proved to be as graceful as I am. Miller thought he’d try tennis but did not understand that chewing the racket and tennis balls was not actually the way you play the game. We have had success paddle boarding and that will be our chosen activity going forward.



Hershey & Melynda

We have been going out for lots of walks whenever we can. Hershey doesn't like going out in the rain so we have to get all our rain gear on to deal with the spring showers!

Favourite RC Pets product right now:  Delta Rain Slicker in Lemon


Jake, Marilia and Matilda the cat

We’ve been going to provincial parks (isolating in the woods!) and short walks around the block. Jake has been getting plenty of naps too, of course. Matilda is not used to us being home all the time, her face says she is hoping this will be over soon.

Favourite RC Pets product right now: Bungee Traffic Leash & P.U.P. Bag

Luka & Mellissa

Me and Luka are getting in lots of long, long walks and plenty of fetch in empty parks. He still gets to go to daycare a couple days a week, too, and puzzles at home to keep that brain active.

Favourite RC Pets product right now: My favourite, hands down, is the P.U.P. Bag... the bags come out so easily and NO. MORE. HOLDING. POO. It’s the greatest creation.



I think we have a clear winner here! Picking up poop is a key part of being a pup guardian and we all know that horrible feeling you get when you realize… I’ve forgotten the poop bags! Make sure you’re always prepared with the RC Pets P.U.P. Bag
Find it at your local pet store and ask for curb-side pickup to keep that social distance safety going! We’re all in this together!



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