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4 tips on raising an Adventure Cat
The sun is out, the temperatures are up, and adventure is in the air. Don’t let your feline friends be part of the pack left indoors – bring them along!  Worried your cat isn't quite #adventurekitty ready?? Have no fear, we asked asked 4 Adventure Cat Pawrents for their advice on getting your cats outdoors...


Tip #1: ComfortRescue cat Gary has come a long way from being a tiny kitten with a broken hip. Gary's been adventuring in the Rockies with his Dad for over a year now and looks majestically at home whether sitting atop a snowbank or in a kayak on a deep blue lake.

Gary's Dad says: "If people are looking to start adventuring with their cat, they need to start slowly and let their cat get used to the new experience. Pay close attention to make sure your cat isn't stressed out,and make adventuring a positive experience - with lots of treats and affection!" - @greatgramsofgary


Tip #2: Be Prepared For When Nature Calls - Leon the orange tabby loves a road-trip… and hiking… and SUPboarding… and camping. This little guy is a seasoned adventurer and his pawrents know a few things about long car rides and cats - their advice is to be prepared for when doody calls 💩

Leon's guardian explained their #cathack is to have a litter box station set up in their car. "For road-trips the litterbox is seatbelted in the back with a towel underneath and if we're camping or traveling overnight I take it out and use it as Leon's main litter box." @leonadventurecat


Tip #3: Safety First - Aries and Lyra are no strangers to adventure and they haven't even turned one yet! Their home on Vancouver Island is the perfect base for exploring and their guardian's love bringing them on trips. "Camping with cats is a very fun experience! It's so exciting to watch your cats explore the outdoors and join you on adventures." 

Their advice to other guardians thinking of a cat camping trip is to go slowly and allow cats to feel safe while they adjust to their new surroundings. "What we did to help them adjust was attach their RC Pets Adventure Kitty Harnesses to 15ft training leashes and tied them to their crate which was inside our open tent. This way they felt safe and gradually became comfortable with being outdoors. Within a few hours of arriving at our campsite they were eagerly exploring the campground and ready to join us on hikes!" - @aries.lyra.ragdolls

Tip #4: Practice, Practice, Practice - OG is an adopted Adventure Cat hailing from Oregon. He loves exploring, sunset strolls and car rides with his canine brother Chooch. His pawrents know practice makes perfect when getting your feline friend acquainted with the great outdoors whether you're walking round the block or trailing the mountain tops. 

"Our biggest piece of advice for exploring with your cat is to take it slow, have lots of patience and practice often. Celebrate the little things and learn to just go with the flow and experience the world at kitty pace." -@OGadventurecat

 Do you have any advice for adventuring with cats? Add your tips and tricks to the comment section below! 

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