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3 Different Dog Training Tips You Might Not Know - RC PETS
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Are you a concerned dog guardian struggling to train your dog? It is an issue many can relate to. But there are effective solutions to take your worries away.

Every dog is different and each has a mind of their own. In order to be able to train them, you need to understand and acknowledge the ways you can communicate with them. If you can build a proper communication channel and learn to give your dog proper feedback you can easily correct their troublesome behaviours. In this article, we have some great techniques with which you can learn to train your dog. These tips are easy to practice and if applied properly they will help you to improve your relationship with your furry friend. 

1. Build your leadership skills

Dogs are animals who can either gain dominance or be submissive to their leaders as they inherently learn to live in packs. As they always live in groups it is their nature to challenge one another in order to accomplish leadership. They do the same with you, they try to challenge you and see what they can get away with and whether they can trust you. Like any leadership role, quick, clear in the moment feedback is best. Whenever you dog exhibits behaviour you don’t want, respond firmly and quickly and then redirect to the correct behaviour and reward.  It may seem repetitive, but maintaining simple consistent commands will ensure you and your dog are on the same page.

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2. Training should never hurt the dog

A common mistake that many dog guardians is believing that pain or even yelling will bring a dog to submission. Hurting the dog may stop certain behaviours but it will also lead to a dog that is more anxious and scared which could lead to other unwanted behaviours. These days there are a number of excellent training collars and harnesses (such as the Canine Equipment Ultimate Control Harness or RC Training Collars) that use gentle pressure to inform the dog when they are pulling to far ahead and not staying with the pack.  These products perform best when reinforced with positive feedback.  Positive feedback doesn’t just mean treats (though they can certainly help), petting, praising and smiles can also show your dog that you are pleased with how they behaved.


3. Recall training

This is the most important part of training a dog as this helps you to communicate with them and allow them to be free plus command them to stop misbehaving. As recall is used on almost a daily basis, it needs to be practiced constantly. For example, if you want to stop the dog from doing something wrong, don’t just call its name and stop there, as that is the initially learned behaviour that they adopted to from you. Instead, call their name followed by a command in order to acknowledge them their wrong actions. It is all about how you respond to them when they are failing at it. If your dog is avoiding your commands, try to give them timeouts by walking over and putting them on the leash. This will portray that there might be certain consequences for their odd behaviours. You can further practice recall when you are at a park or any other moment when they are in a going to respond to you. Dogs love to play so try playing fetch and you can achieve great recall and command practice. 


It is very easy to build a bond with your dog if you learn about their nature and behaviour. Learning their body language and being aware of the things that bother them will help you to train them effectively. and gain a command as well. We hope these tips help you to enjoy some fun training exercises with you canine companions.



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