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Canine Friendly

Canine Car Seat Protector

View more Travel Products Dogs love to bring the outdoors into your car or truck. This microsuede seat protector saves your seats from mud, muck, nail scratching and loose dog hairs.
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Canine Car Seat Protector - PRODUCT No. 632
  • Center zipper allows you to accommodate a passenger
  • Seat belt access zippers allows you to use a safety harness or belt with this product
  • Elasticized corners help hold the seat protector in place
  • Luxurious micro suede material has great touch quality and is machine washable
  • Waterproof backing keeps mud and water off your seats
  • Added side coverage also protects the edges of seats
  • The 56” width fits most vehicles

Fasten buckles and zippers before washing. Machine wash cold, on delicate cycle. Dry flat. Do not bleach, do not iron, do not dry clean.

 Machine Wash with cold on gentle or delicateDry Flatdo-not-bleach-1.jpgDo Not irondo-not-dryclean-1.jpgDo Not Dry

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