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Canine Friendly

Canine Life Jacket

View more Safety Products Boat safety can't be overlooked when you have a dog. The secure and comfortable Canine Life Jacket is exactly what you need to ensure your dog’s safety on the boat or around the water. The ergonomic design and ultra-buoyant foam help keep your dog in a natural swimming position.
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Canine Life Jacket - PRODUCT No. 601


  • Made with environmentally friendly NBR foam

  • The ergonomic fit maintains comfort in or out of the water

  • Reflective signature Canine Friendly label and piping keep your pet visible

  • Highly visible ripstop nylon fabric resists snags and tears

  • Low profile handle enables you to help your pet out of the water and onto a boat, paddle board or onto shore

  • Two points of adjustability ensure the perfect fit and allow the life jacket to function properly

  • NBR (enviro-friendly) foam placement keeps your dog in a natural swimming position

Rinse vest with fresh water after every use, and air dry. Hand wash using a soft brush if needed. Do not bleach, do not dry clean, do not machine wash.

Hand WashDry Flatdo-not-bleach-1.jpgdo-not-dryclean-1.jpgDo Not WashDo Not Dry

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What size should I buy?

Each product on our site has an accompanying size chart. There are three main measurements that will help assist in selecting the right size. To measure, use a soft tailor’s tape. You will get the best results if your dog is standing up.

Length = Measure from where the collar sits to the base of the tail
Girth = Measure the widest part around the chest
Neck = Measure around the neck, where a collar would normally sit

If your dog is between sizes, we usually recommend the larger size for more coverage


It is always best to have your dog try on a product, but if it's not possible you can follow some general fit guidelines listed below. 

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