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Car Door Protectors

View more Pet Accessories The Canine Friendly Car Door Protectors keep muddy or wet paws from getting on your interior car doors. Easily installed, the rubberized claw guard protects from scratches and also offers large storage pockets to hold accessories or toys.
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  1. Car Dog Protectors
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Canine Car Door Protectors - Door protector dog scratching car - PRODUCT No. 652

  • Each box comes with two protectors, one for each side of the car
  • Sturdy waterproof 600D fabric keeps your car doors moisture and dirt free
  • Rubberized claw guard along top edge prevents your dog from scratching up your car door interior
  • Smooth plastic tabs insert in your window slot for easy installation
  • Large sectioned storage pockets can hold dog accessories and toys
  • Access slit retains accessibility to your door handle
  • Large 20” x 29” size fits most vehicles

Machine wash seperately using mild detergent. Hang to dry, do not iron. Do not Bleach or Dryclean. Machine Wash with cold on gentle or delicateHang to DryDo Not IronDo Not BleachDo Not Dryclean

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