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Ultimate Pulling Harness

View more Dog Harnesses If you and your dog are the adventurous types, get ready to hit the trails with our Ultimate Pulling Harness! The fleece lining and extra padding keeps your dog protected and comfortable and the three connection points help with control while bikejoring or skijoring. Also great for hands-free jogs or canicross.
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  • Ultimate Pulling Harness
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Ultimate Pulling Harness - Dog Pulling Harness - PRODUCT No. 643 


  • Fleece-lined and padded for extra traction, stability and reduced shifting
  • Wide foam-lined straps distribute weight evenly across chest and shoulders avoiding unnecessary pressure on throat and back
  • Two adjustability points ensure the perfect fit
  • Three nickel plated D-rings can be used for single or dual leash attachment points
  • Heavy duty rock lockster buckles have a high break strength
  • Anti-slip sliders prevent the straps from loosening during use
  • Control handle allows you to hold your dog close when needed, and can also provide assistance when hiking over uneven terrain.
  • Reflective piping keeps your pet visible at night
  • The included safety shackle snap provides a quick release from your joring system
  • This item pairs perfectly with our Adjustable Bungee Coupler (see page 63) and our Beyond Control Leash (see page 69)
  • Durable and machine washable

  • Machine wash cold on delicate cycle. Do not wash with Velcro items. Hang to dry. Do not iron, do not bleach, do not dry clean. If needed, presoak in an enzymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle.

     Machine Wash with cold on gentle or delicateDry FlatDo Not irondo-not-bleach-1.jpgdo-not-dryclean-1.jpg

     S 18''-26''  15-25 lbs 
    23''-31''  25-40 lbs 
    29''-39''  40-79 lbs 
    XL  34''-46''  75 lbs plus 

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