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Dog Harness

At RC Pets we have many choices for you to select the best dog harnesses for your furry friend. Depending on your lifestyle we have 8 styles and a wide variety of colours to choose from. You can be sure that all our Dog Harnesses are secure, comfy and fully adjustable. The options:

  • Our Step in Cirque and Cirque Harness designed with small breeds in mind, both feature a soft and breathable air mesh fabric, one is a step in and the other one is an overhead harness with a buckle. 
  • Our Primary Step in Harness features multiple colours and patterns with an easy to wear approach.
  • Our No-Pull Harness features a webbing martingale loop to make gentle corrections for dogs that pull.
  • Our Ultimate Control Harness is also great offering control and redirection from the front. 
  • Our Pulling Harness for adventurous Dogs and Guardians, it features extra padding to make it very comfortable and multiple access point to connect and to help with control.
  • Our Vented Vest Harness that works as a car restraint, chest protector and non-choke walking harness.

    1. Momentum Control Harness - Dark Teal - prchar30503
    2. Momentum Control Harness - Fuchsia - prchar3050301
    3. Momentum Control Harness - Black - prchar30503012
    1. Step in Cirque Harness - Pink Comic Sounds - M
    2. Step in Cirque Harness - Pineapple parade - M
    3. Step in Cirque Harness - Cobalt - M
    (10) more patterns
    1. Cirque Harness - Pink Comic Sounds - M
    2. 58004069
    3. 58004073
    (11) more patterns
    1. Primary Step In Harness - Royal Blue - 74202003
    2. Primary Step In Harness - Orange -74202002
    3. 74202014
    (7) more patterns
    1. 57003176
    2. 57003183
    3. Step in Harness Tan Tartan
    (1) more pattern
    1. Quest Day Pack - Heather Teal - prcacc68304015
    2. Quest Day Pack - Heather Black - prcacc68304001
    1. Ultimate Control Harness S - Royal Blue
    2. 65503001
    3. 65503002
    1. 61403002
    2. 61403001
    1. 64303001
    1. 30303014
    (3) more patterns
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