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Packable Rain Poncho

View more Dog Coats No one likes unexpected showers! Our Packable Rain Poncho makes it easy for you to be prepared when the skies open up. The bright, cheerful, water resistant poncho comes in a convenient carrying pouch that can be clipped to a leash or tucked in a pocket. So the next time you feel that first rain drop, you will be totally prepared!
Rain Poncho - halftone Lime and Cyan
  • Rain Poncho - halftone Lime and Cyan
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  1. Packable Rain Poncho - Shoal
  2. Rain Poncho - Lime
  3. 58803104
  4. Rain Poncho - Rubber Ducky
  5. 58808045
  6. 58808006
  7. 58808002
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Packable Rain Poncho - Product No. 588

  • Lightweight polyester shell with a water resistant PU coating 
  • Leash access featuring a button-hole design with storm flap cover 
  • Lightweight hood sewn in for extra coverage
  • Easily tucks away into a convenient carrying pouch
  • Hand wash only

Hand wash cold, in mild detergent. Dry flat. Do not iron, do not bleach, do not dry clean.

 Hand Wash ColdDry FlatDo Not irondo-not-bleach-1.jpgdo-not-dryclean-1.jpgDo Not Dry

NEW Sizes - Cheat Day - Crimson - Sunshine - Pitter Patter Chocolate

Papillon, Pomeranian  XS  11"  12"-18"  10-15
Jack Russell, Boston Terrier 14"  16"-22"  15-25
Westie, Beagle    M 17"  20"-26"  20-30
Corgi, Duck Toller, Border Collie L 21"  22"-30"  30-50
Vizsla, Short Haired Pointer, Lab XL 24"  25"-35"  50-80
Rottweiler, Male Ridgeback  XXL  28"  30"-40"  75-110
Great Dane XXXL  30"  35"-45"  100-130

Shoal - Tropical Foliage - Lime Halftone - Cyan Halftone - Raspberry - Sweet Sorbet

Chihuahua, Papillon, Pomeranian  XXS  10" 12"-16"  5-15
Jack Russell, Yorkie XS  12"  16"-19"  10-20
Shih Tzu, Maltese, Boston Terrier S 14"  17"-21"  15-25
Pug, Puggle, Westie M 16"  20"-23"  20-30
Wheaten Terrier, Scottie L 18"  20"-25"  25-35
Beagle, Vizsla, Border Collie XL  22"  21"-30"  30-60
Golden Retriever, Weimaraner XXL  26"  24"-33"  55-85
Rottweiler, Male Ridgeback XXXL* 30" 32"-38" 80-120

*XXXL available in Sunshine and Crimson

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