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Dog Coats

At RC Pets, Dog Coats is one of our specialties. Find the best coat for your dog. We offer a wide variety of dog coats for any kind of weather such as rain, cold and snow. Our coats also feature popular colours and pattern as well as many sizes to fit all doggy shapes.    
Some of our coats are:
The Vortex Parka features superior protection from wind, rain and snow. Integrated leash access with storm flap at collar seam, waterproof zipper for harness access. 

The Nimbus Puffer is quilted for added warmth and offers full chest coverage for all sizes of dogs. Its waterproof zipper for harness access ensures your dog stays warm and dry. It also features an exclusive, integrated eyelet for the Poppin’ Light (sold separately) to keep you both visible and safe during nighttime walks.

The Cascade Coat this is our essential coat. This Dog Coat is designed to keep your pooch warm and dry and is a must-have coat for your dog’s wardrobe. We’ve added new specialty sizes to offer a perfect fit even for those hard to fit breeds like Bulldogs and Mini Dachshunds.                                                                                                                                                                           

The Shasta Coat this soft and cozy winter coat will keep your pooch warm and dry. The Shasta Coat is fleece-lined for warmth and has a water-resistant, stylish exterior complete with a reflective feature, making it a great companion to any winter stroll.

    1. 676-Vortex Parka-Red Grey
    2. 676-Vortex Parka-Teal Orange
    3. 676-Vortex Parka-Black Cyan
    1. Nimbus Puffer - Azalea Hot Coral
    2. Nimbus Puffer - graphite_lime
    3. Nimbus Puffer - Plum_Gray
    (1) more pattern
    1. RC Pets, Red Dog Coat
    2. RC Pets, Purple Dog Coat
    (4) more patterns
    1. Shasta - Cyan Halftone
    2. Shasta - Blue Buffalo
    3. Shasta - Red Buffalo
    (1) more pattern
    1. Baseline - Electric Blue - Lime
    2. Pet coat - Baseline Fleece 10 Teal_Orange - 660100
    3. Pet coat - Baseline Fleece 10 Purple_Pink - 660100
    (3) more patterns
    1. Packable Rain Poncho - Shoal
    2. Packable Rain Poncho - Tropical Foliage
    3. Rain Poncho - Lime
    (13) more patterns
    1. 63410010
    2. 63410008
    (2) more patterns
    1. 64410008
    2. 64410005
    3. 64410002
    1. 58710002
    2. 58710001
    1. Whistler Winter Wear - Blue Herringbone
    2. Whistler Winterwear Red Tartan
    3. 65610106
    (3) more patterns
    1. 60610002
    2. 60610001
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