We Heart pets.Everything we do enhances the bond between Pets and their Guardians.

Canine Equipment

s a Canadian brand of performance gear for active dogs and guardians. With functional and technical designs, as well as high quality hardware, Canine Equipment gear is practical and rugged for regular outdoor use. Canine Equipment has built it's reputation by providing performance gear for active dogs and their loyal guardians. Utilizing technical fabrications and quality hardware, this is the brand for outdoor enthusiasts and their best friends.

Our top products include

Ultimate Trail Boots The high-traction, ergonomically-molded, all-terrain Trail Boots are designed to keep your dog’s feet safe from hazards while improving their footing. 

Ultimate Control Harness is the perfect harness for the dog that likes to lead the pack. It has two connection points that offers pulling control from the back and redirection control from the front.

Ultimate Trail Pack is a comfortable, secure and fully adjustable dual pannier back pack for dogs that holds everything your dog needs for a good hiking or camping adventure.

Ultimate Pulling Harness If you and your dog are the adventurous types, get ready to hit the trails with our this Harness! 

  1. Bungee Active Leash 1 RedGrey - pcelea75310002
  2. Bungee Active Leash 1 BlackGrey
  1. Bungee  Coupler - Red
  1. Bungee Traffic Leash 1 x 4 RedGrey
  2. Bungee Traffic Leash 1 x 4 BlackGrey
  1. Flat Pack Water Bowl Grey - pceacc66300011- Produc
  1. 61403002
  2. 61403001
  1. Quick Release Martingale TEC M Neon Yellow - 73204
  2. Quick Release Martingale
  3. 73205014 - Pink dog training collar
(3) more patterns
  1. Traffic Leash Aqua
  2. 32410005
  3. 32410014
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  1. Ultimate Control Harness S - Royal Blue
  2. 65503001
  3. 65503002
  1. 67304001
  1. Ultimate Treat Bag Grey - pceacc66500011 (Empty)
  1. 62004005
  2. Utility Clip Collar Aqua
  3. 62004014
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  1. Webbing Martingale Aqua
  2. 73304002
  3. 73304014
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